The Company

About Stardiamond

Doing things differently sets us apart.

Stardiamond™ worked against the odds and created what was desired by the public; a unique approach not often seen in any industry.

Our portfolio now includes 20 registered patents worldwide, embracing 6 different shapes and AGS’s stamp of approval and a ‘0’ light performance. This gives Stardiamond™ a perfect overall grading for the Ideal Star™ cut. An awe inspiring cut that has outstanding performance and endless marketing possibilities.


The real inspiration of Stardiamond™ and the family of cuts called the True Star™ Collection is the story behind them.

With Stardiamond™ a True Star™ is created within each and every diamond. No gimmicks, no tricks. This is a unique, magnificently cut diamond that is not like anything else in the marketplace; truly showing a 5 point star in each and every cut diamond.

Stardiamond™ and the series of the True Star™ diamond cuts: Ideal Star™, Star² ™, Liberty Star™, etc. are the first diamond collection with a True Star™ in each diamond.

Distinguish your location from all the others by creating a competitive advantage – ask your merchants about Stardiamond™ and the Ideal Star™ with the True Star™ diamond promise in each diamond.

Stardiamond™ and the True Star™ collection – Seeing is Believing.