Stardiamond’s Shining New Designs

Since August, Stardiamond has officially registered 3 new patents to their line of patriotic, patented cuts and designs. The Star²™, Stardiamond OvalCut, and Pear Shaped Stardiamondare officially registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The Stardiamond OvalCut is a modified brilliant cut. Perfect for smaller carats, the long, elegant star contribues to the illusion of a greater-sized diamond. 

The Oval Stardiamond™ Cut

The Pear Shaped Stardiamond combines a round and marquise shape, with a tapered point on one end. The Pear Cut is a versatile diamond shape with excellent symmetry. 

The Pear Shaped Stardiamond™ Cut

The Star²™ is one of the most fascinating cuts in the Stardiamond collection. The Stardiamond Star²™is the first square cut diamond to have a patented, faceted star pattern applied to the pavilion.

The Star Diamond The Star² Cut

No one is more excited about the new patent than Stardiamond’s Co-founders, Greg Berdan and Mark Webb. They note “The Star²™, Stardiamond OvalCut, and Pear Shaped Stardiamond™ are certainly unconventionally shaped diamonds. We are proud to offer them for licensing.