Stardiamond’s Shining New Designs

Since August, Stardiamond has officially registered 3 new patents to their line of patriotic, patented cuts and designs. The Star²™, Stardiamond OvalCut, and Pear Shaped Stardiamondare officially registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The Stardiamond OvalCut is a modified brilliant cut. Perfect for smaller carats, the long, elegant star contribues to the illusion of a greater-sized diamond. 

The Oval Stardiamond™ Cut

The Pear Shaped Stardiamond combines a round and marquise shape, with a tapered point on one end. The Pear Cut is a versatile diamond shape with excellent symmetry. 

The Pear Shaped Stardiamond™ Cut

The Star²™ is one of the most fascinating cuts in the Stardiamond collection. The Stardiamond Star²™is the first square cut diamond to have a patented, faceted star pattern applied to the pavilion.

The Star Diamond The Star² Cut

No one is more excited about the new patent than Stardiamond’s Co-founders, Greg Berdan and Mark Webb. They note “The Star²™, Stardiamond OvalCut, and Pear Shaped Stardiamond™ are certainly unconventionally shaped diamonds. We are proud to offer them for licensing.

When It Comes to Diamonds, You Want A Perfect 0

Two of Stardiamond’s 6 patented shapes boasts a shining score of ‘0’ for light performance, from the American Gem Society. Zero may not mean much, but when it comes to diamonds, 0 is everything. . .

The American Gem Society Laboratories is America’s premier gem-grading organization. Their expert third party evaluations provide transparency in the jewelry industry and their ratings offer customers peace of mind when shopping for jewels. They are also some of the strictest evaluators in the industry, as they readily admit.

It is from this esteemed organization Stardiamond has received its light performance praise. Four “Cs” are typically considered when appraising a diamond for beauty and worth. Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat Weight. The most important of these is cut, which can take diamonds from “a dull, lifeless rock into a work of art,” according the AGS. Cut is also responsible for faceting the diamond, giving it its sparkle!

Different cuts are assessed for their brightness, fire, leakage, contrast, weight ratio, durability, tilt, girdle and culet. These qualities are rigorously measured by high tech equipment at the AGS labs, and the diamond is graded on a scale of 0 to 10. Diamonds in the 8-10 range are poor, while diamonds with a 0 score are, in a word, ideal.

Stardiamond is proud to celebrate its ‘0’ light performance rating on our patented line which, truly, sparkles like no other.

To read more about AGS and their light performance grading system, check out their website, here.

Stardiamond Says Goodbye to Sin City!

Four days in the city that never sleep, and Stardiamond Co-Founders Mark Webb and Greg Berdan have survived the Jeweler’s Circle Keystone Show, one of the biggest and brightest shows in the diamond business! Mark and Greg were just two of more than 20,000 industry insiders who flocked to the Mandalay Bay Convention Center to bask in sparkle of acres of diamonds, gems and other precious jewelry.


The show was resplendent with the biggest names in jewelry…and baseball! Greg got to meet the legendary Pete Rose himself.


But Greg and Mark were there to play in a different kind of game. With so many innovators and cutting edge trends under one roof, the show was the perfect opportunity not only to spread the word about the unique virtues of Stardiamond, but to take a peek at all the possibilities coming just around the corner for the jewelry industry.

Thank you, Las Vegas! We’ll see you next time, at the JCK Show, 2017!

Stardiamond Heads to JCK Las Vegas!


The founders of Stardiamond are packing their bags, printing their tickets, and heading to Sin City for some clean cut fun at the leading jewelry event in North America. The JCK show is an unparalleled industry event, bringing together more than 26,000 jewelers, designers, retailers and experts for buying, networking and educational opportunities.

Mark Webb, co-founder of Stardiamond, notes “The JCK Show is one of the best and brightest in the jewelry business. It will certainly provide Stardiamond with the chance to meet fellow jewelry professionals in an environment unlike any other.” See you at the show!**

**While show attendance is by strict approval and invitation only, you can keep up on show news and updates by following Stardiamond’s social channels!